Spanish class

It is useful to speak the language of the country where you are living in. For this reason I started studying Spanish, because that is the main language in Argentina. Unfortunately, the Spanish here is a bit different from the Spanish in Spain. Because of the differences, communication isn’t that easy. The best way to learn Castellano, the name of the language they speak here, is to practice with local people.

But of course it is also useful to understand the grammer. Lucky as I am, I met a friend: Andrea. She is an English teacher and translator. Normally she teaches Argentinian people to speak English, but for me she does it the other way around. I got classes a couple of times per week and she gives me homework too! I don’t like to study languages, but it is the only way to get used to the language… The nice thing is that I notice the improvements in my Castellano-skills every day! The goal is that I don’t have to speak English any more when i am here. A ponernos las pilas!