Living the dreams!

After arriving in South Africa I was craving for my first bush experience! The Wild Olive Tree Camp (WOTC), where I will be staying for the next 3.5 months, happens though to organize its own game drive to Manjeleti Game Reserve. Manjeleti lies adjacent to the WOTC and is part of the Greater Kruger Transfrontier Park. As a consequence, Kruger National Park and Manjeleti aren't separated by fences and wildlife can thus roam freely through the entire Transfrontier Park.

Unfortunately, a safari costs money of which we as students don't own much. Therefore, I was extremely excited when we heard that we could join any game drive to Manjeleti for free under the conditions that other tourists have to join us (so that they could pay for most of the fee =)). I get the feeling we have permission to do this in exchange for the work we are going to do for this tented camp. Can't really complain about the arrangement =)!

So the day after me and Sander (friend and WUR colleague) arrived we went on our first game drive! We sat in the back of the typical safari vehicle; beautiful African sun and bush, wind through your hair, binoculars and camera in your hands, ready for action. And we were lucky! Almost the first animal we saw was a magnificent Leopard chilling in the long grass no more than 5 meter in front of us. It's camouflage was so good! Since I was a child I dreamed of witnessing all the tremendously stunning and exciting wildlife of Africa has to offer and now I can join as many safaris as I would like for FREE! Could an internship start any better?!