Everyday life: Bey Dance

Bey Dance is a dancing school in Australia. They offer 8 week courses in which you learn the choreography to one of Beyoncé's songs. The girls at my internship invited me to join them in learning 'Run the world'.

I had never taken a dance class before, didn't really like dancing when I went out and I found it very hard to coordinate movement in my arms and legs at the same time - "sure, I'm in! Let's go!". And so I went to the classes on Thursdays with all seven girls of MCRI. I had so much fun every time. The teacher was great and I loved learning something so 'out of my comfort zone'. Was I a great dancer? No. Did I care? Not even a little bit. I looked forward to the classes every week. And sometimes we had dinner or drinks afterwards, which made the evening even better. Believe it or not, but this simple experience was one of the highlights of my Australia-trip. And eventually I learned to move about 1.5 body parts at the same time ;)