Goodbye MCRI

My internship at MCRI went by so fast. After data collection for the Child Health CheckPoint I was back in the office. I spent my final weeks on data analysis and writing my report. And then, last week, it was time to say goodbye.

My supervisor Jess had organised an afternoon tea for my goodbye and birthday (which was a few days before). Everyone who was in the office came to say goodbye and had baked or brought something to share. Muffins, donuts, biscuits, cake, slices - they knew how to make me happy. And I even got some presents and the sweetest card that was signed by everybody. We made a last group picture with the remaining staff (the others had moved to Canberra with the study) - "say CheckPoint!". It was a lovely goodbye to one of the greatest experiences in my life.

After the afternoon tea I wrote the preface of my report. I realized that this was the last aspect of my internship and thus the last aspect of my Master's. This was quite a weird realisation. After ten years of studying, this was my last day as a student. But I am more than ready to move on!