After a lot of struggles and rough contact with the university of Tromsø I'm finally accepted and received my letter of admission at the 18th of november. Right after that I booked my ticket. Now it's really getting closer! I'm very looking forward to it! There are a lot of enthusiastic reactions of friends and family but also some more negative reactions like: 'don't you get really depressed because of the lack of sunlight?!' or 'it looks really cold to me, rather you than me..'. The positive reactions are mostly about the beautiful nature and of course the northern lights! I also have some friends and family that will visit me when I'm staying there, because of the special place.

But my mean goal is my minor, wherefore I'm following three courses at the UIT (Universitetet I Tromsø): Arctic Biology, Marine Ecology and Ocean Climate. For the course Arctic Biology I'll be staying on a ship to Greenland for 3 weeks! Whereby I'll see a lot of seals!

The ultimate experience must be chilling in the sauna (which will be free) and afterwards run outside and lay with your naked but in the snow while looking up to the northern lights. I hope to experience that! The only down side is that the costs of the living there will be a lot higher than in the Netherlands. I like party's, but if it is too expensive then I like it less. But they have a solution there: Brewing your own beer! I'm curious how that's going to taste...

You'll all hear from me how my experiences are! Talk to you soon!