The end is in sight

Exactly one week and then I'll be flying back to the Netherlands again! Friday the 12th of June I'm having my last exam here, and then I'll stay here that weekend and the monday after I'll be flying back. But if I come back it will be hectic: Re-exam and handing in my thesis and presenting it. But hopefully I'm having my bachelor degree than!

Lately I did a lot of stuff, like a weekend to the Northcape. To go there from here is of course not that far and for a nice studentprice you can be there within 12 hours, with a luxury boat with jacuzzi! So to get there, we (me and a German girl I've met here, Melina) were most of the time sitting in the jacuzzi. But on the way back we've visited some other small towns, because you can hop on and hop off whenever you like of these boats. When we arived there (the boat stops in Honnigsvag and then it takes 24 km to the Northcape it self) we found out that busses only go once a day to the Northcape... So we had to take a taxi to get there. But luckily the taxi wasn't that expensive and we had really good weather. Of course we took a picture with the globe (see picture) and we really enjoyed the area there with a lot of reindeers! After one night staying in the hostel there, we went back with a really old boat (from 1964) the next morning. Which was also really fun and we've seen some killer whales swimming by!

I've also been to Oslo with Melina for a long weekend (from thursdaymorning till sunday evening). This travel we didn't do by boat but by airplane. In Oslo they sell this Oslopass that you can visit every musea and go with all busses, trains and ferries for only 50 euro's! So i've never been in so many musea in such short time: From a historical museum till a reptile museum and from a musea with a big Vikingship till paintings of Edvard Munch and van Gogh. Also this weekend we were very lucky with the weather, so we enjoyed Oslo a lot! The open air museum Folksmuseum was the most fun, I think, because there you can walk between the old houses, shops and farms, which gives you a good view of life in Oslo back in the days. There were even some actors walking around, which were cooking in a house for example. Sunday 17th of may it the biggest national holiday in Norway. Everybody hangs out their flags and go up on the streat in their traditional clothings. There is also a big parade of all the schools, which contained a lot of orchestra's and majorettes. Everywhere you looked, you saw people, it was very crowdy. Luckily, we found an exclusive place (which we got tickets for from a woman we didn't know) where we could sit right in front of the royal family on the palace! So Oslo was a really onforgetable experience and I would really recommend everybody to visit this city!

From 6 till 11th of may my parents came to visit me, to see my life here and see what Tromsø has to offer. Thanks to this lovely time I've seen a lot of pubs and restaurants from the inside instead of from the outside. We also rent a car, which gave me the opportunity to see more of the area around Tromsø.

At the moment I'm really busy with studying for my exams. Exams are most of the time oral, which means that you sit right in front of the teacher of the course (and a unknown guy next to him/her) and answer face to face in your best English all the questions he/she ask you. This was a total new experience for me, so I was really nervous, but it went pretty well. In five days I have my last exam (this time a written exam) and then the stress is finally over. It is a shame to sit inside to study, when it is finally better weather outside, but I have no other choice.

See you in a week Wageningen!

Ha det!