Do not touch the turtle

Today we went on a snorkelling trip. Together with around twelve other people we visited three beautiful small islands around Sint Maarten by boat. After half an hour across the deep rough see, we first visited a small island.

This island is very famous because of the sea turtles. And indeed, it didn’t take so long before we saw a see turtle right below us. We were told that they come to the surface to get their air around every 5 minutes. We just had to wait for that moment, because that would be the moment of being very close next to the turtle. On forehand we were warned: DO NOT TOUCH THE TURTLE!

It was amazing! The moment the turtle swam up, I swam as close as possible next to the turtle. Turtles are really one of the most beautiful creatures I have ever seen and although I already have seen sea turtles at Curaçao, it was again great to swim with them!