Football Tournament

An internship of two months, eight weeks unable to play together with my football team in Rotterdam. And even more important, eight weeks without football, that’s what I thought until Wietske found an advertisement in the newspaper: Ladies team looking for new players...

The email address was added in the advertisement, so I was able to get more information. I asked whether it would be possible to train with them the last five weeks of my internship. I received an enthusiastic email: I was welcome! A couple of days later I had my first training (together with Wietske, who also joined). The field looked better than I expected and, as I may say, it looks even more beautiful than the field we have in Rotterdam. The team includes both girls from the age of 9 and women with the age of 40. I was afraid of not being on the same level, but fortunately I could totally join the game and the training. It was great and I am looking forward to the next!

This weekend the team had a tournament against St. Barths and Trinidad. There is a great difference in arranging a tournament between The Netherlands and Sint-Maarten. In The Netherlands you are able to invite clubs from the region. That works totally different here: the island where the tournament is held has to arrange everything and also has to pay for all the costs the other team has to make (for example expenses for travelling and the hotel). Having a big tournament or even a tournament is there for rare. Sadly, Trinidad cancelled the tournament because of too much chikungunya cases in their team. So unfortunately, the tournament ended after just one match.