This weekend we went off-island. Very weird to say that, but it is a fact: we went to Saba. And of course we went in style, we went by plane. Saba has the shortest landing strip of the world! Only specific pilots are allowed to land on the island. Only 18 people fit in the very small plane, you are sitting right behind the pilots. You can see doing them everything, totally different than you are used to. Landing was absolutely spectacular. Saba is actually just one big mountain and the landing strip is the only flat part of the island, with a length of 400 meters.

Saba is famous because of the beautiful diving and hiking opportunities. We choose to go for hiking, since we are both afraid of the depth. We thought hiking would be more safe and I would like to emphasize the word THOUGHT. Due to the rainfall, hiking was not that safe at all. The path which goes to the top of the mountain, the same path you have to take back was unbelievable slippery. Going to the top was already scary, going down was even more terrifying. Parts of the track we had to do on our butt, afraid of falling. Imagining the beautiful view on the top, we didn’t give up during the 1060 steps to the top. Unfortunately it was all cloudy and we couldn’t see anything. Bad luck, but we survived! Sometimes it was a hell, really a hell.