Sint Maartensday

Although some places in The Netherlands celebrate Sint-Maartensday, it is not a real big event. But here on the island of Sint-Maarten it is!

We were asked to join the team of MPC (secondary school) teachers to run together the Sint-Maarten RUN. A relay race with 10 legs over the island. The run started already at 7:00 am due to the heat later on the day. I had to run the first leg, Wietske the leg after me. I can honestly say that I am very sportive in The Netherlands and a run of 4.4 km is not that difficult. However, here within this climate and the mountains, it seemed like I am not sportive at all. It was quite heavy, my God! But we did it! Together with 63 others team, we ended the run with music and drinks.