The end

Every adventure comes to an end, and so does mine. After eight weeks I was excited to go back home. I have counted the days and the moment was finally there.

I can say, I had an amazing time in Sint-Maarten, two months for me was the perfect time to be away. Time to focus on my project, time to focus on my self, getting new experiences and getting to know myself even better. After only a couple of hours in The Netherlands, I already missed the lovely weather, which I sometimes did not appreciate in Sint-Maarten. Our project came to a good end and we had an evaluation with our supervisors we can be proud of. Sint-Maarten is a beautiful island and I can recommend to everyone to visit it ones in their lives. After two months being away I appreciate more the things I have in life and the people I love and love me.

I would like to end with a sentence that might help you as it have helped me:

Be different and make a difference!