Tourist stuff

Searching for Sint-Maarten online via shows you immediately the famous characteristic pictures of the airplanes. It is already our fifth week and we did not visit that famous spot, how bad?! Today we decided to act like the ultimate tourists and we visited MAHO bay beach.

Beforehand, we searched for the specific time the KLM airplane would arrive. A lot of airplanes arrive on Sint-Maarten every hour, but of course, we wanted to see THE big one. The hour we were there, I really felt like a tourist. Waiting for something to come, knowing that it can appear on the horizon every minuteā€¦ And then eventually the moment that you see that little blue spot, still very far away: I was nervous, I was excited, I was scared, I felt so many things. The little blue spot that flies in your direction, it almost seems like you are the target. It becomes bigger and bigger, all tourists getting their camera ready for action and then suddenly it flies right above you. The sound was overwhelming, only meters away from that enormous airplane. Applause from the public: it landed safe!