Tropical storm!

Just a normal afternoon we thought. We were hanging out at the swimming pool, and suddenly the lady of the house came to us, she had something important to tell she said.

A tropical storm was on his way to Sint Maarten, and the next day we would meet him. There was no need to worry, just that we knew that going to work might not be possible the next day. We were not worried and we prepared that evening by putting everything inside.

We woke up the next morning, and indeed it was windier. But we wondered whether they called that small increase in wind intensity a tropical storm.. It rained from time to time and we kept our words to our parents to stay inside, we waited, but no tropical storm was coming. We thought they had made a mistake; the tropical storm would probably just pass by.

And then the tropical storm showed up, stronger than imagined, it turned into a hurricane category 1! Fortunately, we were in the house with the family, we felt safe and we helped them by cleaning the floor (water came through the windows and roof). Although we felt safe and we were not really afraid, it was heavy and the violence of the nature was immense.

Looking back I did not want to miss it. It was exciting and the adrenaline rushed through my body.

This morning there was complete chaos around the house. Broken trees, twigs all over the place and dirty mud. So today was a day full of cleaning and in most parts of the area we succeeded. Everything looks almost the same again around the house. Hopefully, the island will look the same again in the upcoming weeks. Because now, Sint Maarten is not as beautiful as it was before.