Arrived in Svalbard!

I am finally here in Svalbard! The weather is very nice and a lot better than I anticipated on. The people are very nice as well. I already met a girl on the airport that used to study at UNIS. She went back to Svalbard to meet up whit some friends that she made here. After arrival she showed me the town and where I could go to do my groceries. I went to bed really early since the night before I was sleeping on a sofa on Oslo airport.

Today I went to the university to take a look around. In the library people were looking out of the window with binoculars because a polar bear was seen on the mountain across the fjord. Unfortunately we were not able to spot it our self but I am quite sure I will see one later on. Never the less, not a bad start of my stay here in Longyearbyen, Svalbard.  I have also met my roomies Tom and Isabell who are both from Germany. They are really nice and doing the same course as I am so I will really get to know them. The house were we stay is very nice and spacious. This picture I took from outside my kitchen window. The polar bear I mentioned earlier was spotted on the mountain you can see on it.