A new home

This is what my new home town looks like from 1100 meters. Not bad right? As you can see, it’s not big, what leaves more room for beautiful surroundings. Starting from today, I will study these surroundings the next couple of months.

So, if I didn’t start studying yet, than what have I been doing up here? Well, when everyone in Wageningen was busy with the AID, I had my own Norwegian introduction. We were informed about the school, got a student card (with a picture just as beautiful as the one on my WUR card) and had a crash course in Norwegian, so we can at least buy our own food. But apart from the serious things there was of course also plenty of time for fun and getting to know each other and the area. The first evening we went up to a nearby glacier, where me and some other students where brave enough to take a swim in the glacier lake (water temperature: 2.5 degrees). It took us the rest of the night to warm up, but luckily we got a nice dinner ;) There have been some barbecues, in the park, at the fjord and in the forest where we even tried to do some archery with homemade bows and arrows. Furthermore we had to make a meal by  ourselves, for a big dinner. Here we were divided into groups and everyone made something from their home country. We held the Dutch honor high by making pancakes and ‘appelflappen’ for desert. The pancakes where loved by the other students, especially by the ones from Zambia. They never saw them before and where fascinated by the batter and the baking. This resulted in me teaching all the Zambians how to make pancakes, which was really fun to do. We even gave them the recipe so they could make them back home.

The rest of the time we had left this week, was filled with fun evenings with games, going for hikes (see the picture), trying out some stand up paddling and canoeing, an a lot of really cold dives into the fjord. I have promised myself and everyone else that I will go into every body of water that is warmer than the glacier lake, and since that is actually everything, it will get interesting in winter ;) Oh well, I will worry about that later. First it’s time to get to study, because with all the fun I would almost forget that. But this week I will be on a glacier during lecture time, so it can’t be too bad ;)