From Mountain to Fjord

Hi Everyone,

My name is Liza van Kapel and I am a third year bachelor student Soil, Water and Atmosphere. Starting this august, I will spend half a year studying in Norway. Before I started my study in Wageningen I did some travelling. I got slightly addicted to it than and I knew that I wanted to go abroad during my studies as soon as possible. So when the opportunity came to do a minor, I wasted no time in deciding to do it abroad.

A lot of emails, scans and autographs later I was good to go. As I said I am going to follow my minor, from august to December in Sogndal, Norway. This is a really small but very beautiful village underneath the mountains and next to the fjord. Therefore my minor is called “From Mountain to Fjord” and it mainly focuses on the geology, hydrology and ecology of the area, showing a lot of similarities with SWA. What I really like a lot is that you can apply your new knowledge straight away in the area, and that it is therefore a course you cannot just follow anywhere. Besides that I think that studying abroad is just a really great experience to learn a lot and meet a lot of awesome new people. Therefore I’m not just looking forward to everything that I am going to do during school tie, but also everything that I am going to do outside of school. In Wageningen I spend most of my free time by being active at the study association, ice skating, making music and meeting up with people. Who knows if I might add some new hobbies :)

That was pretty much it for now, hopefully you have a bit of an idea of who I am and what I am going to do up here. I will be posting new stuff from now to then, so if you like to keep up, then keep your eyes open :)