The road to home

This is sadly my final story (awww...). But it’s a good one :) On the picture you see the Hilton hotel in Copenhagen, where I stayed. How did I end up there?

Well, let’s start at the beginning. After leaving Norway I went to Copenhagen with a friend for Christmas. We had a nice hostel, with a free Danish Christmas dinner every evening. We even got a present from Santa. And we met some cool people, and checked out Copenhagen on a white Christmas. So not bad at all :)

However, when I wanted to go back home after Christmas, I found out that my flight was cancelled. Because of course I picked the one day in two years with snow in the Netherlands. I went to the airport anyway to get more information, and found out there that my flight was rescheduled for the next day. Since they could not let me sleep at the airport, the flight company put me and everyone else in the Hilton hotel. This included a dinner buffet, breakfast buffet and lunch, a private room with a two persons bed (with four pillows), a private bathroom with bathtub, and an ice cube and shoe polishing machine down the hall. I must admit that it wasn’t that bad. However, when we got little information and even more delay the next day I was really ready to go home. Luckily there where some people waiting for me, giving me a really nice arrival after all.

And so ended my 5 month adventure in Norway. I had a truly amazing time, in which I did some pretty awesome stuff and made some really nice friends. Of course not everything turned out the way I expected it to before and I had some moments that I really missed everyone back home. So it’s good to be back, with an experience that I will always happily look back to :)