Here in Vienna they know how to throw a party! Last Friday there was the ball from my university, the BOKUball. All students, alumni, professors, scientists and friends of the BOKU university were invited to celebrate the history of the university and look forward to the future together.

Since the ball took place in the Vienna Imperial Palace, and was the biggest university ball of Austria, it was so impressive! All women were wearing evening dresses or the traditional dirndl. The men looked also fabulous in a suit or in buckskins (Lederhosen). Add up the fancy and glittering interior of the palace to this and you can imagine how great it was! On the photo (photo credits to a friend of mine) you can see that the ballroom was full of chandeliers, marble and painted ceilings. In total we found six of these rooms, so it was incredibly big! Orchestra’s and bands were playing during the night to make the people dance. One of the traditional folk dances of the Austrians is the Viennese waltz and I couldn’t resist to give it a try! But as it is a really fast and rotary dance, it was quite hard :) . Anyway, we had a lot of fun!