Exploring Austria

Since two weeks all my exams and assignments are done, so the time has come to enjoy some free time! Last week I spend my time somewhere else in Austria, in a small village called Windischgarsten. We slept in the parents’ house of a friend there, a really cute wooden house in the valley. I had an amazing week there!

There was a lot of snow, so we went skiing. It was my first time on ski’s, so it was a bit hard for me but a lot of fun. The view up in the mountains is beautiful, and sitting there with a hot chocolate feels so good! Besides skiing, we discovered the neighbourhood. Small villages, mountains, lakes and a lot of snow! The Austrian culture is pretty different from the Viennese culture, the people take their time and great each other when they meet on the street.

The Austrian cuisine is delicious! I tried a Germknödel, which is a special dough filled with plum compote and topped with poppy seed. That was quite special, but the taste was good! At my friends’ grandparents we got real Austrian cheese and meat specialties; for example stag meat (male deer). To that some self-brewed alcohol on the side. Great experience!!

My last weekend in Vienna just started, I feel a bit disappointed that the time passed by so fast. I am sure I will have a great last weekend here, and I will keep you up to date!