Negotiating at the United Nations headquarter

This Thursday and Friday, students of the University of Vienna and the BOKU Vienna (the university where I am doing my exchange) are together to simulate a conference on sustainable development. They will discuss three important topics; Energy provision and use, Climate migration and Sustainable agriculture and land use. And I am one of them! So excited to join this course on negotiating!

Together with three other students we represent the Alliance of Small Island States. I am representing Haiti and the last months we prepared several documents and papers to get to know what the opinion of Haiti and the Alliance of Small Island States is about these topics. During those two days we will make an resolution paper which will contain the solutions for the problems which deal with the three topics I mentioned before. This is quite hard, because countries and groups can differ on real essential points. So it’s the challenge to convince others and to reach an conformity.

Vienna is one of the four cities in the world with a United Nations headquarter. So, right now I am sitting in the plenary conference room of the building of the United Nations, which is really cool because a lot of important conferences took place here. We had lunch in the canteen of the Vienna International Centre, together with all the employees who work here. Great to feel the atmosphere and just observe the people. Hopefully we will reach an agreement and keep having fun!