Austria is surrounded by many different countries, 8 in total! Vienna lies close to the eastern border of the country, so it is really easy to travel to the neighbouring countries. That’s what I actually did. Last weekend I visited a friend who lives in Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia. It is a small city, but whit an interesting history. Since 1993, the year that I was born – which has nothing to do with this - , the Slovakia is an independent country. Still you can see the influence of the communism from former times, for example the buildings or the system that employers have to provide a free warm meal for their employees on a working day.

The weekend before, me and some friends travelled to Budapest. This is the capital city of Hungaria, and so impressive! For example the parliament and chain bridge at night, which you can see on the picture. Imagine that this picture was taken while standing on top of a hill in front of a castle. Breath-taking. Other must-do’s, must-see’s or must-visits in the category ‘tourism’ are the famous bathhouses, the ruin bars, eating some Hungarian goulash or at least the paprika, the hills of the Buda-side of the city, and so on.. The language in Hungary is so totally different from all other European languages, it makes you really feel like a stranger when you don’t understand what the people are saying. Fortunately the people spoke English too and were very friendly! And we managed to learn some Hungarian words, still proud of it. For example: ‘Thank you’ is ‘Köszönöm’ in Hungarian. Maybe now you understand what I meant with feeling like a stranger! Anyway, we had lots of fun in Budapest and would like to go back during summertime. Meanwhile, my list of cities that I want to visit is growing and growing.. I will keep you updated!

Viszlat! (yes, this one was with Google translate)