Votivkirche & Spritzer

Wow, Vienna is incredible! I am saying it to myself over and over again. There are so much beautiful buildings, that you actually don’t know where to look! You can spend days walking around just looking to all the great buildings. At night some buildings are surrounded by lights. Yesterday evening we went into the city to have a drink and then I saw this beautiful church!

It is the Votivkirche (which means Votiv church), and inside it is also incredibly beautiful with stained glass windows and a gold altar.  At night Vienna is really nice, there are lots of people on the street and there are a lot of bars to have a drink. The Austrian people drink Spritzer instead of wine, its wine with sparkling water. There are a lot of different Spritzers, the one I like the most is the so-called ‘Rosenspritzer’ with pink buds in it. It looks so fabulous!