Dream BIG

This is a picture of Lisanne and me at Utrecht when we said our goodbyes. Currently, she is in Sint Maarten for her internship, and also a WURldexplorer. We met last September when our Master program started, and from that moment on, we have been friends.

We have been commuting together ever since; she had to commute from Rotterdam every day, and I from Amsterdam. Almost every day we would meet at Utrecht and from there go to Wageningen. But not only were we travel buddies, we shared many precious moments last year. So glad to have met this girl and really proud of us that we are living the adventure we wanted so badly. I can remember one of our first conversations; ‘’I really want to go abroad, to Canada or something’’ ‘’Yea, me too. I just want to go on an adventure and challenge myself’’. Well, I guess we both made our dream come true.

I have to say that the Wageningen University really stimulates students to chase their dreams and go abroad. Our study advisor really helped us a lot and said that everything we want is possible. ‘’Dream big!’’ she said. This is just one of the many reasons why I like studying at the Wageningen University so much; they really care about every single student. I have studied at two different universities and I just felt like a  ‘number’, just of the many students. But at the Wageningen University they know my name, and they know me. Thanks Wageningen University for the great support!