Mayne Island

This was our super cute cottage on Mayne Island last weekend. The island is one of the Gulf Islands located between Vancouver and Vancouver Island, and it is just an amazing place if you want to see wildlife and escape the city. Our adventure began on our way to the ferry.

We were on the wrong bus, but the bus driver was so nice that once all passengers left the bus, he drove us to the ferry. So actually we had kind of a taxi which was an entire bus for ourselves! The people are just so kind here, and this is just another example of their friendliness.  On our way to the island, we saw orca's swimming next to the ferry which was amazing! Also on the island, we saw a lot of wildlife. We went kayaking and saw seals, bald eagles and a lot of deer’s. And later that day, while hiking, we saw a sea lion which was just humongous! The nature is so beautiful here. I would recommend everyone who is going to visit Vancouver/British Columbia to hop on a ferry and go to one of the islands. I can’t wait for our next trip!