Vancouver Island

This was our view from our lovely cottage in Port Renfrew, Vancouver Island. My parents visited me, and together we went to Vancouver Island for a long weekend.

 Vancouver Island is just great. The nature is so wild and beautiful. I recommend everyone to visit this amazing ‘’island’’; funny fact: it’s actually larger than the Netherlands! We went to the south-east of Vancouver Island, visiting rainforests, hiked some amazing trails and went to Victoria. My parents rented a car and traveled through the Canadian Rockies for 8 days. They had a great journey, and I was actually quite jealous. They have seen such beautiful sceneries! Their pictures are just amazing. I loved having them here, and showing them my life in Vancouver. I have showed them literally everything; where I do my groceries, drink my coffee, study etc.

They loved it, and were really proud of Wietze and me on how we managed to feel at home in such a short time. When they came, we were only here for five weeks so I guess we did make this our home quite fast. I can’t believe time is going so fast, only 9 to go..