Hi everyone!

I will explore the ´wurld´ for the coming six months and on this page you can follow me on my journey! I study the Master Forest and Nature Conservation and after having finished courses and thesis, I am looking forward to start my internship. I found a great opportunity in Canada, Thunder Bay, where I will be involved in all kinds of forestry activities.

Before going into the wild though I will enjoy city life in Toronto. I am staying here for a week to see my friend who I met during my Erasmus in Madrid. It is great to have intercontinental friendships!

City life in Toronto means mainly going from one café to the next. The cafés are not only a social place, but also a work place. Many people come here simyly to work and in almost all cafés you will have internet. Since I love cafés and coffee, I am having a great time so far ;) Even though it is the biggest city in Canada, there are quiete some parks and botanical gardens and the city is not crowded, but actually very relaxed. Obviously Toronto cannot compete with European cities, but I find it very nice for a North American city. It has some alternative and historic neighbourhoods, so next to the franchises it has also some more individual places and great places for food from all over the world. Also I am surprised by the weather! I was expecting to go to a cold country, but it is already summer here and nearly 30° every day so far.