Thunder Bay

After a week in Toronto I took the two hour flight to Thunder Bay! From the plane I could already see the beautiful lakes and the vast land. The city itself seems rather industrial and there is no actual city centre, but mainly malls. Luckily, I can live outside town in the staff house, which is located just beside my new work place and in the middle of a former tree nursery. The forest area around the house is huge and mainly used for tree spacing experiments.

The area has very nice trails and a river, where I can hopefully go for a swim soon. My other housemates are summer students who will work for wildlife monitoring and fisheries until september. Since we are outside of town and I don´t have a car, this place is very isolated. So today I found myself a bicycle that I can borrow from someone for the time I am here. A bit more. Other people here all have cars and mainly big ones! I didn´t even know these big cars existed! Everything is big here! Houses, cars, fridges, stoves, and especially the country itself!