Cultural Possibilities of Prague

Prague is not only the political, but also the cultural capital of the Czech Republic. There are a lot of places and events that you can visit, when you search for art, education, entertainment or all in one.

One of my most favourite destinations regarding cultural distractions are the different galleries and museums. I could choose from a variety of those. The gallery that I saw and liked the most in Prague is called DOX – the centre of contemporary art. DOX always displays a number of different expositions from several contemporary artists. Moreover, some of these exhibitions bear currently discussed topics and thus react on the latest happenings. You can find more information about it at their web page ( Those curious about animals and the evolution like me and my brother (on the picture) can visit the Museum of the history of the Earth. This museum is ran by the Charles University in Prague. You will see several archaeological findings, skeletons of extinct animals, pictures of prehistoric nature etc.