Me and the river walks

There was enough told about the Prague Castle, but a little about the riverside walks. The river “Vltava” runs through the centre of Prague and I highly recommend to take a walk around its banks. The view on both sides of the river is breath-taking. On this photo you can see the brown, stone Charles Bridge behind me going over the river and the Prague Castle on the top of the hill. When you walk on from this point, you will see the crucial monuments of Prague as well as the beautiful, old, decorated houses that stand on the river banks. I think that those buildings on the waterfront belong among the most enchanting ones in Prague. You can end this small tour on the so-called “Náplavka”. This is a place, where the riverbank is lowered almost to the water level and where you can sit down, watch the waves on the water and listen to a band or a DJ who is playing from one of the open-air bars and coffee places that are situated here. This is one of the most pleasant places to spend warm afternoon and evenings at.