Prague architecture

As a considerably old city, Prague is very rich in its architecture. The fact that each house looks in a different way even strengthens this feeling. When you walk on the streets, you will just randomly run into various architectonic styles and buildings. The two of them on the pictures can be found on one street facing each other! They both stand on the corner of the “Karolíny Světlé” street. The whole street is characteristic for its high concentration of coffee places mainly targeted at students of the universities that are close by – especially those with artistic and philosophic field of study. For this reason, you can also find different galleries and art shops in here. The first photo shows a functionalistic house with an art-focused bookshop in the ground floor. The other picture shows the oldest Romanesque rotunda in Prague “U sv. Kříže” (By the St. Cross). This rotunda was built in 1125, when it was used as a church. There are services still taking place today.