Prague vs Wageningen

One of the many advantages of living in a bigger city, than Wageningen is that you can visit some of the cozy coffee-places, pubs or bars, when you walk around. An undeniable advantage of visiting such places in Prague is that you can actually afford to enjoy the little treats, such as a nice cappuccino, cake or a very good beer, even if you are a student.

Me and my friends, who all studied and met in Wageningen, went to celebrate their last evening in Prague in a nice pub in a walking distance to one of the most beautiful squares in Prague – “Náměstí Míru”. As it is not in the real center of the city, you will not meet a lot of tourists in here and so it is very nice to visit for a foreigner, who wants to get into the authentic environment of the Czech people. As you can see on the picture, the atmosphere of the place was really homey.