Seminar of Rural Development in South Moravia and Lower Austria

As the spring was approaching, the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, where I am studying, organised a seminar about the rural development. This seminar was hold in South Moravia, near Znojmo, and in Lower Austria, which is just across the border.

We visited a multitude of enterprises located in the mentioned areas and learned about their history, about how they started and how they expanded. All of these organisations were situated in the rural areas and therefore their enlargement had a considerable impact on the local economy – creating job opportunities, investing in the rural infrastructure etc. We saw a variety of interesting businesses – all from the most high-tech greenhouse in Europe to a self-sufficient biomass producing pig farm.

Besides that, this region happens to be one of the best wine-producing regions in Czech Republic and Austria and therefore we pretty much had to taste some wines! We visited local small-scale wine producers that let us in their cellars and talked about the different grapes and bottles for hours. On the picture, you can see me and my friend Jana in front of our pension in a small village near Znojmo.