The last story

My last WURdexplorers picture is also the last picture of my studies. It was taken on the day of my graduation ceremony at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague. The graduation ceremony at my university is very formal and traditional. The representatives of all chair groups and faculties join the ceremony, as well as the dean of the faculty and the rector of the university.

They all wear traditional clothes – long black robes, hats and golden chains with the symbols of our university. The students that studied the same courses (yes, you graduate with your classmates, not with people, who just happened to finish in the same time :-) ) come to the place with their friends and families, all dressed formally in suits and dresses. In the beginning, Czech national anthem is played. The process of the graduation ceremony constitutes of the speeches of the rector, dean and a student representative and then, the diplomas are given to the students, one by one. In the end, Gaudeamus Igitur - the anthem of students – is played. On the picture, you can see me and my sister in front of the Faculty of Economics and Management, where I studied.