Family visit

By the end of October my family visited me. Especially my father, who is very passionate about those landscapes, was already eager to visit as I received my study confirmation.

It was such a pleasure to show them my ‘new life’ and finally they could establish their own picture. We were sleeping in a typical Scandinavian cabin (similar to the one on the photo) with a big oven and sauna. It indeed felt like holiday! Since we had a car during this week it was possible also for me to see places beyond university and the Ounasvaara sport area! It was such an adventure to discover hidden places and drive into the woods and spot the most remote houses I have ever seen. However, on my birthday, I wished to cross the Swedish border which was approximately one hour away. The reindeer warning signs turned into moose signs but unfortunately, we did not detect any of them. This photo was taken on the way from Sweden to Finland. I guess we took 348294 stops to fully enjoy the unique landscapes.