Being on exchange always brings the opportunity to travel around and to discover places beyond your study destination.

By the end of November I met up with two of my fellow students from the Netherlands in Helsinki. In Helsinki we visited three other girls from our study who decided to spend their exchange in the capital. It was a great opportunity to catch up on experiences and disappointments.
On one day my two German friends and I took the ferry to Tallinn, Estonia. Several people told me about the beauty and charm of that city – and I can confirm, the city is characterized by its historical buildings in soft colors which contribute to a very authentic place. A very nice side effect was that everything was quite cheap compared to Finland. Thus, many Finns regularly visit Tallinn to buy alcohol! However, this was not our aim. We strolled around and quite quickly discovered that we certainly wore the wrong shoes. Fortunately there was a market with beautiful woolen socks which saved us.