The North Cape

With a group of 10 people (Dutch, Belgium, Spanish and German roots) we were keen to travel to the North Cape in Norway. Officially the most northern point of the European mainland. Quite quickly we found a weekend, rented 2 cars and 2 amazingly cute and typical Scandinavian cabins, located on an idyllic lake.

Friday early morning we started our little journey and drove 700 km up. The route was stunning. The colours of the trees were such a contrast to the grey road and deep blue sky! Millions of lakes were reflecting the surrounding nature. My car crew actually made fun of me because I was constantly looking out of the window saying ‘wooow, super beautiful, we need to stop’. After a 10 hour drive we arrived and discovered everything by means of a little hike. The next day we drove to the North Cape which was 30km away from our home. Also then, the nature on our way was so diversified and stunning! Norway totally amazed us and we were so happy to do this trip while actually studying in Finland.