Ciao Tutti!

My previous housemates from Wageningen just left, we spend a weekend together here in Rome. I was supposed to guide them around but I still don’t know Rome by heart. Therefore, every time I discover new areas as well. Rome has so many nice districts that you will never be bored walking around so at the end I did quite a good job.

We ate pizza, went to my most favourite aperitivo bar (L'Oasi della Birra), and had ice-cream at the best galataria in town (Gelateria La Romana,1947). Of course we also experienced Rome’s nightlife. There are a lot of clubs and bars. In general with entrance fees and expensive drinks. But being a girl can give you some advantage as it is common that girls don’t have to pay the entrance fee. Even in some clubs guys can only enter with company of a girl which is a bit odd I think.

My internship is going fine, made some progress and met a lot of nice new colleagues. Next week from 19 till 21th of November there is this really big event of ‘Second International Conference on Nutrition’. During these days the whole office will be closed and even some streets will be limited accessible for safety reasons. I applied to work as a volunteer and I am really happy to be part named the protocol speaking group in the hall where the main program will be. I don’t know yet what my job exactly is going to be but I will report afterwards with hopefully some pictures!