Rome, here I come!

Hi everyone,

I am glad to write you that I am also joining the club of ‘WURLdexplorers’. After some rainy weeks I can’t wait any longer to meet my next destination; Rome. In the next 5 months I will discover this major Roman city, known by its impressive cultural history.

After my bachelor graduation in animal husbandry and livestock management at the HAS University of applied science, I decided to specialize myself  in animal nutrition. Therefore, I started one year ago with a master sustainable animal nutrition and feeding (EMSANF). The first semester took place in Denmark and the second semester I followed courses in Wageningen. The final year of this master focusses on  an internship and a thesis. Thanks to my supervisor (Dr. Dijkstra)  with his international connections I got an offer for an internship at the head office of the Food Agriculture Organisation (FAO).  This global organisation is located in 130 countries and works on sustainable agriculture to achieve worldwide food security ( I will be working on a study in precision feeding at the animal production and health division. 

Furthermore,  I like sport and hanging out with friends. During  my time in Rome I will try to find a sport association and join an Italian language course.

I have never been in Rome, but people, movies and stories revealed already a lot about the beautiful city. However, I prefer to check that out by myself!  I’ll keep my eyes and ears open to receive new experiences and let them surprise me!

On this page I will post some short stories and pictures about my time in Rome. You can also follow me on Facebook or Instagram.