I am almost a month in Mexico now and luckily, but also a little bit less luckily, time is flying by until now. Luckily because it means that I am enjoying the place, but less luckily because it means that I have just a little bit more than three months here. One of the things that is important for me to enjoy the place where I am staying is meeting nice people to spend the time with. Last week was certainly a prove of it.

Last week on the 26th of August it was my 20th birthday. At first I didn’t know what I would do for my birthday. I was thinking of inviting people to drink something in a bar or at my place at Friday in the same week. But as it often goes here, things go different than planned. On Monday I was invited to eat something in a palapa, a combination of a restaurant and a bar. I think it was on Monday because they confused the date, but that didn’t matter the pre-party was nice with delicious food and good company.

The day after I was invited at Jarintzi’s home and there the same people as the day before plus some others were present. Besides that my supervisor of Ecosur came, so that was of course very nice and it showed her involvement with me and the project. When she entered the room a cake was placed in front of me and a Spanish version of the happy birthday song was sung. After it I had to blow two matches (I thought that was tradition, but it was because of a lack of candles) and then they took out the matches and took of my glasses and told me to take a bite in the cake. Of course I had my doubts of doing it, but they insisted and thus I decided to play the game with them. And indeed, my face was pushed in the cake as you can see on the picture. Afterwards it became clear that it is a tradition here. At least it was very funny and we had an amazing evening with a lot of music, food and fun.