Couch surfing!

Again I’ve done so many things to tell you about since I wrote my last story that it is just difficult to choose the topic of my next story. But then I realised that kind of the main theme of the last two weeks was ‘couch surfing’. Therefore I will share my experiences with you about this amazing concept.

A little bit more than a year ago I went couch surfing in Paris with three friends of mine. I really enjoyed it back then and besides that, it was very useful, since it made our stay in Paris much cheaper. Here in Mexico costs is not that much an issue compared to Paris but I started to host here for the reason that it is a nice way to get to know new people and also to provide couches instead of only using them, especially because I have time for it now.

During my first month here I already received a few couch surfing requests, but in the end all the surfers changed their plans and didn’t want to stay in Campeche anymore (I can’t imagine why XD). Last two weeks were luckily big exceptions on that. I hosted three times, 5 people in total. Furthermore, I also surfed one time myself,  when I went to Merida with my new Austrian Neighbour, who I also know because of couch surfing. Now I haven’t mentioned yet all the Mexican people I got to know via couch surfing, but I will skip that, because the story will get a bit boring then (which doesn’t mean that those Mexicans are boring).

With one couch surfer I was very lucky. Not only because he was a nice guy, but also because he had a car, so I had the chance to see a lot more of the Yucatán Peninsula. I went to see an hacienda, an old colonial house which are nowadays often luxurious hotels, a lot of smaller Mayan ruins, more cenotes, a few beaches and many things more. Part of this more was a very impressive cave system called Calcehtok. We did a two hour tour through the cave. My Rough Guide told me I could get a little bit dirty during this trip. The picture shows that this is not completely true, but for me that didn’t matter at all considering it was really amazing. In the cave there were very big spaces, but on the other hand also very (!!) small ones, which were sometimes very difficult to go through. We had to climb, crawl, move in impossible positions or all three at the same time. Although there were these difficulties I liked it so much that I am thinking of maybe going another time and doing even a bigger tour.