And then suddenly it felt very cold on my face on the 10th of December. Reading this sentence and the title you would probably think that I was back in the Netherlands by then. Fortunately for me I was still in Mexico.

I was a in the high (and relatively) cold mountains, in San Cristobal de las Casas to be precise. I finished my project in time so I had two weeks left to travel around a bit. I am very glad that I took my time for that because I have seen some very nice things in my trip. I saw more Mayan ruins, of which Tulum (see picture) absolutely was the best located one. Around San Cristobal I visited a 1 km high or deep canyon and some very interesting indigenous villages. Tulum had a lot of swimming to offer. I swam a lot in cenotes and in the sea and especially near the coral reef where I saw 12 sea turtles.

However, before these two weeks of pure enjoyment I still had to finish my project in Ecosur and to give my presentation. In Ecosur every two weeks a student gives a short presentation of their work. For the last time of the year I had been asked to do it. I was very glad that I said yes to it, because it was really helpful to structure all my data before I would leave and above all to see how it would go with my Spanish.

Overall I think I can be very glad with my Internship in Campeche. I had an interesting internship with lots of things to do, I visited some beautiful places, I had a lot of activities next to my internship, but most important is that I met some really nice people who made me feel at home there.