You might be complaining of all the bad weather in the Netherlands of the last week, but although it might have been more cloudy in the Netherlands than in Mexico I think I had a lot more rain here in Mexico. Now I am here for just 6 days, but of these six it became wet four times. And when it rains of course it is not a gentle drizzle as sometimes in the Netherlands. No, there are heavy storms. Storms as you can see coming on the picture.

Of course these storms create beautiful pictures, but when you see one like that you need to be sure you need to get inside very quickly because it can start raining very soon. This time it took 45 minutes before it started raining after I took this picture. And then, when it started, it was raining cats and dogs. Within a few minutes there was a flow of approximately five centimetres high in the street where I live, and now I didn’t say anything yet about the loud thunders.

But I will skip these because there are more beautiful  things to see on this picture. What you see here is the main square of the old colonial town of Campeche. The main square is called Parque de la Independencia. It is a nice quite park where you can sit down on a bench to relax. However, only when it is not occupied by a street vendor. On the right side you can see ‘Edificio Cuauhtémoc’. It is a nice building where you can eat on the first floor with a nice view over the square (my Rough Guide doesn’t say anything about the building so I can’t tell you more). The building with the two towers is a cathedral. This building was established in 1540 and is one of the oldest churches on the peninsula. It is a nice authentic building. It only needs some new paint because it looks a bit lapse, but perhaps that is also what makes the building so beautiful.