Je m’appelle Quinten et je fais mes études à l'Université de Wageningen... For now! At the moment I’m finishing my thesis at the Food Quality and Design Department in Wageningen, but in just two days I will be moving to France to study at LaSalle Beauvais.

LaSalle Beauvais is a ‘small’ university compared to Wageningen, but it’s located in the beautiful country of France and located just 60 miles north of Paris. Furthermore, the campus (25 acres) is surrounded by a nicely sized forest (75 acres!) and there are lots of sports facilities and possibilities for fun activities and excursions. In short, an ideal place to spend some time!

In Beauvais I will follow courses on Nutritional Sciences, in order to gain a deeper understanding of the complex relations between the food chain, dietary habits and human health. I think this will be a perfect complement to my knowledge on food science and my personal interest in health as an enthusiastic sports person (judo, hockey, running, fitness and ‘knotsbal’ – I’ve practiced it all and I love to be active!). And of course it’s good to learn about nutritional sciences when you are living in the country famous for its delicious cheeses (camembert) and pastries (opera cake, pithivier, Paris–Brest, Saint-Honoré and macarons, all French inventions!). France is the home of the great cooks and patissiers, from Auguste Escoffier and Marie-Antoine Carême to Michel Roux and Pierre Hermé. You have to enjoy the real French cuisine when you have the chance !

Next to enjoying the French cuisine and learning about nutritional sciences I’m planning to discover France during excursions, enjoy the idyllic countryside, try some new sports, enjoy the French student life and discover the true French ‘joie de vivre’. I’m already looking forward to my time in France, I think it will be a great time!