Going North

Hey everyone! I will introduce myself shortly. I am Renée, 20 years old and student of the Wageningen University in Biotechnology. I am now in the third year of my study program. Although I’ve always had an amazing time in Wageningen, I was up for a new adventure in a new place. So I thought, why not make it an international one? Right now I am in the optional part (minor) of my study program, the perfect opportunity to go abroad!

Scandinavia has always appealed to me, because I like the rustic setting and atmosphere of the country as well as the kindness of the inhabitants. Already since I was very young, I often went to Scandinavia with my family for the holidays. Those memories left me wanting more.  Furthermore, I knew that the educational system there is well arranged and that almost everyone speaks English fluently. When searching for a University there, I came across Lund University, one of the biggest Universities of Sweden located in a town roughly the size of Wageningen. This sounded good to me, since I already have a dramatically bad orientation in places I have lived for years. Also, Lund University is one of the first places in Europe where they practiced Biotechnology on high level.

After loads of emails, motivation letters, signatures, internet searching and phone calls I finally got the message: Accepted to Lund University.

In my exchange period abroad, I would like to learn more about the human brain, how it can regulate the whole body and what can go wrong. That is why I choose to participate in the course Neurobiology. They also have a large research institute where I hope to get a glimpse of the investigation into stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine. In addition I want to do some courses in the food department like probiotics and human nutrition.

But other than the courses, I think the experience itself is going to be a challenge as well. It will give me the opportunity to develop myself further, improve my language skills and explore world. I hope to get the chance to travel to the north and maybe even see the northern lights..