Leaving Lund

Unfortunately, every amazing journey comes to an end, and so did my adventure in Lund. As the last exams came closer and closer, more friends left Sweden and more goodbye dinners and parties were organized.

Especially the last days, good planning was necessary to be prepared for my exam and in the meantime had some time for a proper farewell to my international friends. When most of them had left Lund, I still had some days left in which three friends from Holland came to visit me. I showed them around in Lund, and they especially loved the fikas. I had an amazing time with them and they had the perfect timing. Because I had so much sinterklaas candies left, from people who send it to me worried that I would miss that tradition this year. Because of all those sweet people, my closet was packed with ‘pepernoten, chocolade pepernoten, taaitaai mannetjes, chocolade letters, een banketstaaf en dropjes’. I could never finish that alone, so my friends were a great help with finishing that and the other left food in my little apartment . The first night that they arrived I cooked the traditional Swedish meat balls with mashed potato and lingonsylt (sort of cranberry marmalade). We ate so much that weekend that the last dinner in Lund consisted out of vegetables only. After leaving Lund, we went to Copenhagen to stay there one night. Although Copenhagen is so close to Lund, I hadn’t really had the time to visit this city during my stay in Sweden. We were really pleased to discover that the girl from who we rented the apartment for the night, left us two bikes. That was the perfect way to see Copenhagen in only the two days we had there. We had a lot of fun, racing through the city and stopping at every point we liked. And of course we also did some fikas over there. After some great days, we took the plane to go back to Holland. I was really looking forward to see everyone again and celebrate Christmas and new year’s with my friends and family, but at the same time I was sad to close this chapter of my life. Lund gave me a great time with a lot of new friends and knowledge, and an immense drive to explore more of the world and its inhabitants now that I am aware that I have only seen this small part of it. So who knows, I might start my next adventure as Wurldexplorer in my master program already..