Airplane pH improvement

Something that I did not know and definitely did not expect is this! What you see in this picture is a plane being loaded with limestone. Why? Well limestone is mined and used on pastures to get the pH of the soil a bit higher, which is important for the growth of the plants. As a Dutchman I am used to pastures which are mostly nice square areas in our nice flat land. New Zealand does have some hilly areas, so a farmer might have quite some trouble properly applying processes to the soil.

But this was farming 2.0, the procedure here was getting some limestone in the airplane (the airplane was still running), get in the air, go to the pasture site, drop the load and return. All in just 10 minutes! I was there in the next farm and within the 35 minutes I was there I saw the plane fly out four times! I still can't believe that this is economically feasible, the costs of such an application of the limestone must be terribly expensive. Then again if it is done, it probably works out, so here is something I did not knew which is done on farms.