Franz Josef Glacier

During the second sampling trip, not long after the first, I was travelling the west coast of the south island. The trip itself was already beautiful, the west coast is definitely something most people travel and I could see why!

Sampling trips paid by work have their advantages and disadvantages, advantages are obvious: travelling during work time, food and accommodation paid for, travelling with my boss who is quite awesome. The disadvantage is however that even though I can see the country I don't have a day off in the middle of the trip to walk some tracks or take time to view some places not accessible by car. The reason most of the people go to the west coast is to view the impressive mountain range, with the extremely accessible Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers. So I didn't have time to walk, but then my boss came up with some nice words of wisdom. 'If you don't have time, why not spend some money?' A small sum later I was brought up the Franz Josef glacier by helicopter.

The view was amazing, the glaciers are retreating, which is definitely visible when you walk up to the glacier. On top however, sparkling white mountain ranges as far as the eye could see! The photo is pretty bad ass, but trust me, it is nothing compared to the 360 degree view at that place!