Mount Doom

In order to show that I am making good use of my precious backpack, I took it with my on my heaviest walk so far, the Tongariro Alpine crossing. The walk should take about 7 hours, so the entire day will be filled with getting myself up on those rocks to view the scenery.

Again the Lord of the Rings, the mountain at the back of the picture is used in the movies to depict 'Mount Doom', the volcano in which the one ring is forged. It does not look so evil when I was up there, the mountain and especially the emerald lakes just after were amazing. In the end I was done in just 5.5 hours, because I expected it would miss the bus I kept walking at a fast pace. So in the end I know that I am quite capable of walking. Still, my feet were not happy with the blisters the walk left on them! Totally worth it though! The crossing is part of the tongariro northern circuit, which is one of the great walks. So I can end up saying that I at least did part of a great walk :)