Rob Roy Glacier Track

Then something really fun! I must say that I am not quite the most active person, but in New Zealand you can not say you visited the country unless you have done some serious walking. The great tracks are quite famous walking tracks throughout the country, but tracking for multiple days is not really my cup of tea.

There are however quite some tracks which will take you a day or part of a day, one of which was the 'Rob Roy Glacier track'. I met some other interns from France working across the road at Lincoln University (quite the agricultural university, but not as good as WUR of course!) and went on a weekend to seek out the southern lakes. -As a sidenote, because the LU is also an agricultural university, EVERYONE knows of Wageningen, which is a good sign for our uni!- From Wanaka we went into the mount aspiring national park. After a 90 minute drive we found the beginning of the 3 hour track, which lead us up about 300 m. Just before the top is a giant waterfall, created because of the melting glacier ice. Then on the top I had quite the nice view of the glacier, which you guys see in this picture.

Cheers :)