Scuba diving!

Finally I found time to enjoy my most precious and sadly expensive hobby, scuba diving! Although I was already planning it I was still happy I ending up actually going on some trips, since the diving days seemed to slip out of reach before.

Two of my fellow WUR students, Ceres members and also members of my Wagenings Student Diving Association Neptunus were going to join me in a diving trip. Sadly one was too busy relocating a horse (yes, apparently not only cars have to be relocated in this country), so we ended up doing a diving trip with the two of us. The diving trip was located in the Hauraki golf, the aim was to go to horn rock. Horn rock is a submerged reef in between little barrier and big barrier island. Sadly the weather was too rough to go to horn rock, so we travelled to little barrier to find hammerhead sharks there. Even though we did see two fins above the water, we failed to find the sharks below the sea level.

Still the dives were very enjoyable, which made me decide to do a liveaboard for the first time. A liveaboard, as the name stated, is a diving trip where you spend multiple days on the ship. In this case it was a two day liveaboard at the Poor Knight's islands, according to Jacques Cousteau one of the top ten dive places in the world! Seven dives later I had my portion of the Poor Knights, where especially the dive below northern arch was the best dive of my life!